How durable are TailgateDarts?

TGD sets are made of American-sourced Oak. Hardwood provides a durable and beefy material that can endure thousands of hits from a dart and years of game play. We have sets that are a decade old that still get used year-round.

Are the sets waterproof?

Every TGD set gets 4 coats of top quality outdoor poly finish to ensure a waterproof finish that provides a lifetime of game play.

What kind of darts should I use?

You need a steel tip dart to play. The heavier the dart, the easier it is to pierce a can. Darts are not included with the purchase of TGD sets.

What size can will fit on the boards?

TGD's patented design was engineered to be universal. Standard 12oz. cans, 8oz. minis, tallboys and even 25oz. hobo cans nestle securely against the support rods keeping your can upright, and out of the dirt.

Do I have to play using beer?

Absolutley not. You could play with soda, energy drinks or Arizona "teas" if you'd rather get diabetes, heart disease or kidney stones than consume alcohol. 

Is this game dangerous?

Life is inherently dangerous. But despite how it looks, TGD is a very safe game. Always pay attention to where the dart is and where it is going. Make sure you have ample room behind each player should a dart ricochet off the board or your chairs and do not play with someone who is obviously intoxicated. Exercise good judgment and be responsible. 

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