Official Tailgate Darts Game Rules

  1. Players sit facing each other with their beer dart boards 9ft. apart. Boards are placed between the feet. 
  2. A full, opened beer can is required for each game unless both players agree before the game begins. 
  3. All throws must be made while seated. 
  4. A Knick/graze or non-piercing contact of the can by the dart results in a sip. 
  5. A pierce/puncture of the can requires the player to chug their beer below the hole so that their can no longer leaks. 
  6. 3 holes is a 'kill'. See Rule 10.
  7. A hole that pierces inside the upper rim of the can is a 'kill shot'.
  8. If a dart causes both an entry and exit hole, that is a 'kill shot'.
  9. If a dart pierces the bottom of the can (anywhere below the painted label) that is a 'kill shot'.
  10. If your beer gets killed, you get a single redemption shot. See rule 11.
  11. If a kill shot is scored, the player must finish their beer, regardless of how full it may be; before taking a redemption shot. 
  12. A kill shot resulting from a redemption shot creates a tie game. No player leaves without a tie-breaker. 
  13. You can get 'sipped to death'. An empty can is a kill.
  14. Winner keeps their seat. 
  15. Challengers throw first.
  16. Striking your opponent with the dart is an immediate disqualification and you may want to drink some water, lie down and take a nap. 

**DISCLAIMER:  TGD does not promote or endorse binge drinking or the consumption of alcohol by minors. please drink responsibly. Consumer hereby assumes all risks of participating and other participants in any/all activities associated with TailgateDarts, including but not limited to any injury that may occur from negligence or carelessness. By recipient of these instructions, TailgateDarts is absolved of all liability and legal responsibility associated with game play. play ta your own risk.**

Pro Tips

  • Always keep the mouth of your can facing you. This way, your can won't leak on you when you drink after being hit.
  • Put your tab up/verticle. If the dart is thrown into the mouth of the can, that's a kill shot. Protect yourself by using the tab to block the mouth of the can.
  • If it appears as though your opponent has 3 cans, aim for the one in the middle!

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